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La Biblioteca Digital de la Biblioteca Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña, es un portal de acceso libre, que permite almacenar, preservar y facilitar la difusión y acceso a la producción bibliográfica e intelectual dominicana, originada dentro y fuera del país en formato digital, garantizando y salvaguardando nuestra herencia cultural.


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  • Ariza, Sander (Orlin Tremaine CompanyNew York, NY, 1939)
    The Republics of the New World comprise a great forcé in the life of the whole world, and the individual viewpoint of every one of these nations is worthy of our most careful attention. Too long we have been satisfied with ...
  • Espaillat, Arturo R. (Henry ReyneryChicago, 1963)
    I am aware that this book won’t make pretty reading. I also realize that I tend to make light of violence and sudden death. The fact is, friends, those things are almost as common in your world as in mine. It is only that ...
  • Newman, Oliver P. (The National GeographicWashington, 1944)
    Thier eggs, like those of the vellow fever mosquito to which they are related, are not laid directly in the water but upon dry ground where pools have been before. Heavy rains filling the depressions cause the eggs to ...
  • Harding, Bertita (Coward-MccannNew York, NY, 1949)
    THE morning of discovery is timeless. Under the same limpid sky, in a blaze of sunshine, the implausibly blue waters of the Caribbean that once greeted Columbus roll in white-spumed surf against the island necklace off ...
  • República Dominicana. Leyes, decretos, etc. (Imprenta E. M. Casanova N.Santo Domingo, República Dominicana, 1925)
    AL reproducir la Tarifa de Costas Judiciales, parcialmente y seguido a nuestro Índice General de la Gaceta Oficial, nos ha movido el propósito de hacer un estudio especial de dicha Tarifa, con el fin de facilitar su ...

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